Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri

Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri
Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri

Let’s learn Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri :

Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri

JLPT level : N2

Formation :


Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri

Meaning and how to use :

1. Expresses the meaning of “limit of time and space”, often translated as “times”.
How to use: Nかぎり


Kotoshi kagiri de shuushoku suru tsumori na node, minna watashi no koto o shinpai shi nai de.
I’ll only be looking for jobs this year so please don’t be worried about me.

Yurushi te moraeru no ha ichi kai kagiri desu yo.
You can only be forgiven once.

2. Expresses the maximum limitation of an object, event.. Often translated as “as much as possible”. In cases where it is combined with verbs, probability verbs should be used.
How to use:


Kaikon shi nai you ni jitsuryoku no kagiri o hakki shiyo u.
Let’s do at your best potential so that you won’t feel any regret.

Because there was a forecast about an earthquake coming, people have been collecting foods and liquids as much as possible.

Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri

3. Expresses the meaning “according to..”. Often used with verbs indicating senses like see, hear, research,.. to judge.
How to use: Vている/Vた/Vる+かぎり


Ore ga shitte iru kagiri, yamada san ha sonnani hikyou na hito ja nai.
According to my knowledge, Mr. Yamada isn’t a coward person.

Watashi ha mi ta kagiri ha, ano hito ha ii chansu o kotowatta.
In my opinion, he refused a good opportunity.

4. Expresses the meaning “as long as in that condition..”. The latter clause expresses the emotions gotten from the previous clause. Implying if the condition changes, the state/emotion changes as well.
How to use:Vている/Vた/Vる+かぎり


Kimi ga namaiki na taido o totte iru kagiri, kimi no juyou ha muri desu.
As long as you are cocky, your demand is impossible.

Atarashii kotoba o oboeru kagiri, kono mondai ga tokeru daro u.
As long as I remember the new words, I can solve this problem.

Note: In the meaning/how to use 3, it can also be said as かぎりで、かぎりでは

Related structures :

かぎりがある kagirigaaru
かぎりなく…にちかい kagirinaku…nichikai
かぎり kagiri
ないかぎり naikagiri

Ref : tuhoconline

above is Japanese 限り かぎり grammar kagiri. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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