Japanese かえって grammar kaette

Japanese かえって grammar kaette
Japanese かえって grammar kaette

Let’s learn Japanese かえって grammar kaette :

JLPT level : N2

Formation :

clasue 1 +かえって+ clause 2

Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe an event that is not as expectation.

For example

Doushitemo toke nai mondai o ane ni i setsumei shi te morattara, kaette wakara naku natta.
I asked my sister to teach me the matter i can’t solve, but she make me more confused (no understand) .

kanzen o motomeru to kaette shippai ni naru.
If You require perfection, (in contrast) you will get failed

kyou ha mijikai michi de gakkou he itte mo kaette hayaku gakkou ni tsuka nakatta.
I took the shortcut today,but I didn’t get school early.

kinou atarashii hon o kattara kaette naiyou ha furui hon to onaji datta.
I borrowed a new book yesterdaym but it has indifferent content with the old one.

毎日 一生懸命べんきょうしているにかえって試験に合格しなかった。
mainichi isshoukenmei be n kyou shi te iru ni kaette shiken ni goukaku shi nakatta.
In contrast to my hard trying, I failded the examination.

Note :
かえって:Is usually used as adverbs.

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