Japanese あっての grammar atteno

Japanese あっての grammar atteno
Japanese あっての grammar atteno

Japanese あっての grammar atteno :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :

* N1 is normally a person/ people

Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “The latter action is the result of the former action.” or “There’s no action 2 if action 1 didn’t happen.”


Juyou atte no kyoukyuu to ha kai tai hito to atte no uri tai hito to iu imi da.
because of demand, there is supply means that there have to be buyers for sellers to exist.

Suugaku ha kiso atte no takai reberu da kara, suugaku ga jouzu ni naru you ni, mazu kiso o chanto benkyou shinasai.
with math, high level exist because of having basics, so if you want to be good at math, study the basics first.

Anata no tasuke atte no seikou da kara, hontouni arigatai.
This is the victory thanks to your helps so we’re very appreciated.

Rida no yamada san atte no shouri da kara, yamada san ga hyoushou sareru beki da.
This is victory thanks to leader Yamada, so Mr. Yamada should be praised.

Ano sensei atte no ima no watashi da. Hontouni mouichido ai taku te tamaranai.
Thanks to the teacher that I can become who I am today. I truly want to see him again.

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