Japanese 次のように いかのように grammar tsuginoyouni ikanoyouni

Japanese 次のように いかのように  grammar tsuginoyouni ikanoyouniJapanese 次のように/いかのように (tsuginoyouni/ ikanoyouni) grammar tsuginoyouni/ ikanoyouni width=

Let’s learn Japanese 次のように いかのように grammar tsuginoyouni ikanoyouni :

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

This structure supply a specific information after it is informed.
For example

ketsuron ha tsugi no you ni houkoku sa re masu
The conclusion is reported as blow.

kotae ha ika no you ni dasa re ta
The answer was given below.

shachou no kettei ha tsugi no you ni kakare masu
The manager’s decision is written as below.

minna no sentaku ha ika no you ni hiroku houkoku sa re mashi ta
People’s choice is widely reported as below.

atarashii kisoku ha tsugi no you desu
Below is the new rules.

Note: The forms「右のように」、「左のように」 are used in a vertical written language sentence.

Above is Japanese grammar 次のように いかのように. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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