Japanese るところによると るところによれば grammar rutokoroniyoruto rutokoroniyoreba

Japanese るところによると るところによれば grammar rutokoroniyoruto rutokoroniyoreba
Japanese るところによると/よれば grammar rutokoroniyoruto/ yoreba width=

Let’s learn Japanese るところによると るところによれば grammar rutokoroniyoruto rutokoroniyoreba:

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe the source of information that you heard from and the basis of your guess. The following part is usually the form「…そうだ」、「…ということだ」or the ways of speaking that describe the guess.


Kare ga kataru tokoro ni yoruto, sono hito no zai ha omokute shikei ni sareru youda.
According to him, that person has committed so many crimes that he will be executed.

Tomodachi kara kiku niyoreba, anochihou ha mukashi ookii shiro ga aru sou da.
According to my friend, there was a large castle in that region in the past.

Anohito ga iu tokoro ni yoreba, kinou kono douro deha taihen na jiko ga okotta.
According to that person, there was a serious accident happening on this road yesterday.

Hannin ga noberu tokoro ni yoruto hontou no hannin ha karedehanakute hoka no hito souda.
According to the criminal, the real criminal is not him but another person.

Dokokara kiku ni yoreba kotoshi no omatsuri ha okowanai you da.
As I heard from somewhere, this year’s festival will not be held.

Above is Japanese るところによると/よれば grammar rutokoroniyoruto/ yoreba. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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