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Let’s learn Japanese ように grammar youni :

Formation :

N + のように

Vる/Vた + ように

Meaning and how to use :

Used to simulate a thing with another thing with a feature that is appropriate in terms of nature, content or method.


Watashi ga shita youni mouichido yatte kudasai.
Let’s do it again just like I did.

Kono doubutsu wa usagi no youni mimi ga nagaidesu.
This animal’s ears as long as a rabbit’s.

Kare wa tobu no youni hayaku hashitte iru.
He is running fast as if he was flying.

Yamaguchi sensei wa oya no youni yasashii.
Yamaguchi teacher is as gentle as parents.

Kodomo wa nani ka misu wo shita bakari no youni watashi wo nozoita.
My child peeked at me as if he had just made a mistake.

Note: While 「ようだ」 expresses comparative analogy, compares to things that are intrinsically different from the main thing, 「ように」 gives a specific example for what has the same nature and content.However, there are cases in which the two structures are the same, unambiguous.

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above is Japanese ように grammar youni. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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