Japanese ようとも grammar youtomo

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Let’s learn Japanese ようとも grammar youtomo :

Japanese ようとも grammar youtomo

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expressing the meaning of “even though … “.


1. あのやつに裏切ろうとも彼女はまだ許すことにした。
Ano yatsu ni uragiroutomo kanojo wa mada yurusu koto ni shita.
Despite the fact that she was betrayed by him, she still decided to forgive him.

2. 途中で財産を奪われようとも彼は大丈夫だといっていました。
Tochuu de zaisan o ubawa reyoutomo kare wa daijoubuda to itte imashita.
When travelling, even though he was robbed, he still said no problem.

3. 叱れようとも起こらないなんて変な人ですね。
Shikareyoutomo okoranai nante henna hito desu ne.
Even though he is scolded, he is not angry. What a strange person!

4. どこにも行こうとも歓迎されない。
Dokoni mo ikoutomo kangei sa renai.
No matter where you go, you are not welcome.

5. 財産を奪われようとも彼は何も言わない。
Zaisan o ubawa reyoutomo kare wa nani mo iwanai.
Even though he lost his property, he didn’t say anything.

Note: This is another form of「ても」used in written language , using「Vようと」plus も . The meaning and usage is the same as the case without も but this way of speaking is obsolete. This often goes with「(たとえ)どんなに/いかに」.

Above is Japanese ようとも grammar youtomo. If you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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