Japanese ようとする grammar youtosuru

Japanese ようとする grammar youtosuruJapanese ようとする grammar youtosuru width=

Let’s learn Japanese ようとする grammar youtosuru :

Japanese ようとする grammar youtosuru

Formation :

Vよう(volitional form)+とする

Meaning and how to use :

Describe willpower to do something of the speaker.


Asu, kanojo ni kono koto wo hanasou.
I will tell her about this tomorrow.

Kyou kara isshokenmei ni benkyoushiyou.
I will study hard from today.

Imakara ge-mu wo sezuni, benkyou ni shuuchuu shiyou.
I will focus on studying without playing games from now on.

Asukara tabako wo yameyou.
I will quit smoking from tomorrow.

Kinben ni jigyou ni shusseki shiyou.
I will attend classes regularly.

Note: 「Vようっと」is a monologue used in speaking. Sometimes it is pronounced as 「Vよっと」

Ref : tuhoconline

Written above is the Japanese ようとする grammar youtosuru. In case you don’t understand the signs that we used in the formation part, you can find out their meanings here in this post: signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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