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Let’s learn Japanese もっとも grammar mottomo :

Japanese もっとも grammar mottomo

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

It is used to correct a part of content of a sentence.


1. 80点以上が取れた人はこの部屋を入ってください。もっとも75点が取れた人も入れます。
80 ten ijou ga toreta hito ha kono heya wo haittekudasai. Mottomo 75 ten ga toreta hito mo hairemasu.
With people who get over 80 points, please enter this room. However, people who get 75 points can also enter.

2. 今度の失敗は高橋さんの責任だ。もっとも、私たちも責任を一部持ちます。
Kondo no shippai ha takahashi san no sekinin da. Mottomo, watashi tachi mo sekinin wo ichibu mochimasu.
Mr. Takahashi is responsible for this failure. But we also have some responsibility for it.

3. 関係がない人は書類をもらわないでください。もっとも、免許が持っている人がもらえます。
Kankei ga nai hito ha shorui wo morawanai dekudasai. Mottomo, menkyo ga motteiru hito ga moraemasu.
If you are not related, please don’t take the document. However, the people who have a license can also get document.

4. この仕事は石田さんが担当です。もっとも、私たちはサポーターの責任を持つべきだ。
Kono shigoto ha ishida san ga tantou desu. Mottomo, watashitachi ha sapota no sekinin wo motsu beki da.
Mr. Ishida is in charge of this work. However, we must also be responsible as supporters.

5. 今日の試合、私たちのチームが勝った。もっとも、次の試合はもっと難しいので無視にしないほうがいい。
Kyou no shiai, watashi tachi no chi-mu ga katta. Mottomo, tsugi no shiai ha mottomo muzukashii node mushi ni shinai hou gaii.
Our team won today’s match. However, the next match will be more difficult, so we shouldn’t ignore it.

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Above is Japanese もっとも grammar mottomo. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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