Japanese もしかしたら…かもしれない grammar moshikashitara…kamoshirenai

Japanese もしかしたら…かもしれない grammar moshikashitara…kamoshirenaiJapanese もしかしたら…かもしれない grammar moshikashitara…kamoshirenai width=

Let’s learn Japanese もしかしたら…かもしれない grammar moshikashitara…kamoshirenai:

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Describing the speculation of the speaker at a level that believes there is such an incident. This way of saying expresses the speaker is not very confident in his judgment.


Moshikashitara ima basu ga konde iru kamo shirenai.
Perhaps the bus is crowded now.

Moshikashitara ano hito wa watashi ni mada okotte iru kamo shirenai. Kyou hitokoto mo watashi to iwanai noda.
Perhaps he is still angry with me. Today, he doesn’t say anything to me.

Moshikashitara jiko ga okotta kamo shirenai.
Perhaps an accident happened.

Moshikashitara Matsumoto-san wa mada boku ni yurusanai kamo shirenai.
Perhaps Mr. Matsumoto has not forgiven me.

Moshika shitara kare wa shitsugyou shita bakaridesu. Shokku wo uketa youdesu.
Perhaps he just got unemployed. It seems that he have suffered a shock.

Note: Used together with ways to express questions such as「…かもしれない」、「…のではないだろうか」 . You can also say 「もしかすると」、「もしかして」、「ひょっとして」

Above is Japanese もしかしたら…かもしれない grammar moshikashitara…kamoshirenai. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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