Japanese まさか…とはおもわなかった grammar masaka…tohaomowanakatta

Japanese まさか…とはおもわなかった grammar masaka…tohaomowanakatta
Japanese まさか…とはおもわなかった grammar masaka...tohaomowanakatta width=

Let’s learn Japanese まさか…とはおもわなかった grammar masaka…tohaomowanakatta:

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Express the amazement at something that we never thought it would happen. It is usually translated as “I never thought…”


Masaka izen kara wagamama sa de yuumei kare ha jibun no rieki wo wasurete mina no rieki wo kangaerutoha omowanaktta.
I never thought a person who was famous for selfishness like him before would forget his own interests and consider everyone’s interests.

Masaka kanojo ha enryokunaku koudou surutoha omowanakatta.
I never thought he would act without hesitation.

Masaka shinyuu no kare ha watashi no koto wo shinji nai toha omowanakatta.
I never thought a close friend of me like him wouldn’t believe me.

Masaka watashi no konnan notoki, Yamada san ha tasukezuni songai suru toha omowanakatta.
I never thought when I was in trouble, Mr. Tanaka would not help me at all but caused more problem.

Masaka Ishida san ha watashi no taiguu ga ii chi-mu wo nuketeshimatta to ha omowanakatta.
I never thought Mr. Ishida would leave my well-treated team.

Note: In speaking, we often use まさか alone.

Above is Japanese まさか…とはおもわなかった grammar masaka…tohaomowanakatta. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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