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Let’s learn Japanese のところ grammar notokoro :

Japanese のところ grammar notokoro

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe a state of time in the present. Often translated as “now, this time, recently”.


1. 現在のところ、この小さい町の人口は1万円に達成しました。
Genzai no tokoro, kono chiisai machi no jinkou ha ichimanen ni tasseishimashita.
At the moment, the population of this small town has reached 10,000.

2. 今のところ、参加者は100人だ。
Ima no tokoro, sanka sha ha hyakunin da.
At present, there are 100 participants.

3. 最近のところ、犯罪する少年が多くなります。
Saikin no tokoro, hanzai suru shounen ga ookunarimasu.
Recently, more and more boys have committed crimes.

4. 今のところ、彼の病状はよくなります。
Ima no tokoro, kare no byoujou ha yokunarimasu.
His condition is getting better for now.

5. 現在のところ、この地方は地震とか津波とかいろいろな天才に遭っています。
Genzai no tokoro, kono chihou ha jishin toka tsunami toka iroiro na tensai ni atteimasu.
At present, this region is experiencing many natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis…

Note: This structure usually comes with nouns indicating “now” (Ex: 今、現在、この )

Ref : tuhoconline

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