Japanese に決まっている grammar nikimatteiru

Japanese に決まっている grammar nikimatteiruJapanese に決まっている (nikimatteiru) grammar nikimatteiru width=

Let’s learn Japanese に決まっている grammar nikimatteiru:

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describing the speaker’s certain speculation.


Kono kurasu no naka de ichiban atamagaii ko to ieba Tanaka-san ni kimatte iru.
In this class, if we talk about the smartest student, that must be Tanaka.

Ano hito wa Takahashi-san ni kimatte iru.
That person is definitely Mr. Takahashi.

Kare wa kono chansu wo kotowatta ni kimatte iru.
He certainly refused this opportunity.

Ano musume wa han’nin ni kimatte iru.
That girl is definitely the perpetrator.

Soto wa totemo atsui ni kimatte iru.
The outside is certainly very hot.

Note: This way has similar meaning with「にちがいない」 in speaking.

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