Japanese にいたっては grammar niitatteha

Japanese にいたっては grammar niitattehaJapanese にいたっては grammar niitatteha width=

Let’s learn Japanese にいたっては grammar niitatteha :

Japanese にいたっては grammar niitatteha

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe the meaning “even….”. It is often used in the extreme cases.


Daredemo watashi no iken wo hantai shimasu. Itsumo watashi ni ouen suru Tanaka san ni itatteha sansei shimasen.
Everyone disagrees with my opinion. Even someone who always supports me like Mr. Tanaka doesn’t agree with me either.

Kono puroguramu ga seifu no taisetsu na puroguramu desu. Shushou ni itatteha jinmin ni unagashimasu.
This program is an important program of the government. Even the prime minister encourages the people.

Kore ha tokuni kaish ano juuyou na mondai desu. Tanaka buchou ni itatteha katteni kimerarenai
This is a particularly important issue for the company. Even Director Tanaka cannot decide on his own.

Istumo sansei suru haha ni itatteha kondo watashi no keikaku ni hantai shita.
Even my mother who always agreed with me opposed my plan this time.

Yasashii kanojo ni itatteha kimi no koudou wo okotta.
Even a kind person like her got angry at your behavior.

Note:「ことここにいたっては」is an idiom that means “if the problem has become so serious”.

Ref : tuhoconline

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