Japanese なんとなく grammar nantonaku

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Let’s learn Japanese なんとなく grammar nantonaku :

Japanese なんとなく grammar nantonaku

Formation :

なんとなく + clause

Meaning and how to use :

Describe the meaning “for some reason”, “somehow”.


1. なんとなく彼女の言った言葉が本当だと信じる。
Nantonaku kanojo no itta kotoba ga hontou da to shinjiru.
Somehow I believe what she said is true.

2. なんとなく彼は私に嘘をついた。
Nantonaku kare ha watashi ni uso wo tsuita.
Somehow he lied to me.

3. 村上さんはなんとなく突然「いやー」と叫んだ。
Murakami san ha nantonaku totsuren “iya-” to sakenda.
Somehow Mr. Murakami suddenly shouted “No-“.

4. 先生はなんとなく私をほめた。
sensei ha nantonaku watashi wo hometa.
Somehow the teacher praised me.

5. 父はなんとなく私に今月の小遣いをくれません。
Chichi ha nantonaku watashi ni kongetsu no kozukai wo kuremasen.
Somehow my father doesn’t give me my pocket money for this month.

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Written above is the Japanese grammar structure なんとなく grammar nantonaku. In case you do not understand the signs that we used in the formation part above, you can find out their meanings here in this post: signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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