Japanese なんという grammar nantoiu

Japanese なんという grammar nantoiuJapanese なんという grammar nantoiu width=

Let’s learn Japanese なんという grammar nantoiu :

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Describe the surprise, exclamatory, amazement at something. It sometimes becomes 「なんという…のだろう」


Jibun no kodomo hageshiku shikaru nante, nantoiu hidoi oya da.
Scolding their children harshly, how terrible parents they are.

Nantoiu akunin da.
What a bad person.

Kaminari no koe demo kowagatteiru. Nantoiu okubyou na hito da.
Scared of the sound of thunder, what a cowardly person.

Karuku sawararetemo ookiiku sakenda. Nantoiu binkan na hito da.
Although I was touched him/her lightly, he/she screamed loudly. What a sensitive person.

Nantoiu baka na yatsu da, Kantan ni damasarerun da.
What a stupid guy. He is deceived easily.

Above is the Japanese なんという grammar nantoiu. In case you don’t understand the signs we used in the formation part, you can find out their meanings in this post: signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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