Japanese なか grammar naka

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Let’s learn Japanese なか grammar naka :

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expressing the meaning “in a scope of space”.


Kyoushitsu no naka ni Yamada-san ga imasu.
Mr. Yamada is inside the classroom.

Poketto no naka chokorētobokkusu ga arimasu.
There’s a chocolate box in the pocket./ Inside the pocket, there is a chocolate box.

Heya no naka ni beddo ya oshiire nado ga arimasu.
There is a bed and a closet in the room.

Kuruma no naka ni Tanaka-san ga imasu.
Inside the car is Mr, Tanaka./ Mr. Tanaka is inside the car.

Jimusho no naka ni konpyuutaa ya fakkusuki nado ga arimasu.
In the office room, there are computers and fax machines./ There are computers and fax machines in the office.

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