Japanese とにかく grammar tonikaku

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Let’s learn Japanese とにかく grammar tonikaku :

Japanese とにかく grammar tonikaku

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “the subject has many characteristics but above all …”. The following often expresses a large degree, emphasize the great significance of the subject.


1. 彼はとにかく天才だ。
Kare wa tonikaku tensaida.
He is a genius anyway.

2. 彼女の場合はとにかく解けにくい場合です。
Kanojo no baai wa tonikaku toke nikui baai desu.
Any how, her case is still hard to solve.

3. あの人の話はとにかく信じにくい話です。
Ano hito no hanashi wa tonikaku shinji nikui hanashidesu.
No matter what, that person’s story is hard to believe.

4. それはとにかく説明にくいことです。
Sore wa tonikaku setsumei ni kui kotodesu.
That is hard to explain anyway.

5. 彼女はとにかく有名な人だ。
Kanojo wa tonikaku yuumeina hitoda.
At any rate, she is a famous person anyway.

Note: This is the word used in spoken language.

Ref : tuhoconline

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