Japanese お…ねがう grammar o…negau

Japanese お…ねがう grammar o…negauJapanese お…ねがう grammar o…negau width=

Let’s learn Japanese お…ねがう grammar o…negau :

Formation :

おVます(bỏ ます)+ねがう

Meaning and how to use :

It is used to ask someone to do something for you.


Kyou hikkoshishimasukara otetsudainegaimasuka.
Because I’m moving today, would you please give me a hand?

Ima ha kyuuji ga arunode hayaku kaeranai to ikenai. Tanaka san ni hitokoto wo otsutaenegaimasuka.
There is an emergency now, so I have to go home early. Would you please tell Mr. Tanaka about this for me?

Kono jusho wo ooshienegaimasuka.
Would you please show me this address?

Kono pasokon ha koshou shisou desu. Onasohinegaimasuka.
This computer is likely to be broken. Would you please fix it for me?

Chotto fukuzatsu na mondai desune. Go setsumei negaimasuka.
The problem is a bit complicated. Would you please explain it to me?

Note: With Chinese-Japanese nouns, this structure becomes「ごNねがう」。It is usually used in the form of requirement「願えますか/ねがいたいのですが」

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