Japanese あるいは…あるいは grammar aruiha…aruiha

Japanese あるいは…あるいは grammar aruiha…aruiha
Japanese あるいは…あるいは grammar aruiha…aruiha width=

Let’s learn Japanese あるいは…あるいは grammar aruiha…aruiha:

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Describe the meaning “or”. It is used to describe an event involving many situations.


Daigaku wo sotsugyou shita ato, aruiha inaka ni modoru, aruiha kono tokai de shuushoku suru, iroiro na sentaku ga arimasu.
After graduating from college, I will return to the countryside, or find a job in this city, there are many choices.

Kanojo ha aruiha otto to shucchousaki ni hikkoshisuru, aruiha kokode sumu, futatsu no shinro ga arimasu.
She has two paths, moving to where she is going on a business to with her husband or living here.

Ima futatsu no erabi ga arimasu. Aruiha tochuu de yameru, aruiha iroiro na konnan wo menshite tsuzukemasu.
There are two choices now. Stopping on the way or continuing facing various difficulties.

Aruiha kanojo to wakareru, aruiha watashi ni eien ni awanai. Hayaku erabinasai.
Break up with her or you will never see me again. Choose quickly.

Kare ha aruiha ie wo fukushi, aruiha ki ni mizu wo yarushi itsumo isogashisou da.
He always looks busy cleaning the house then watering the trees.

Note: When using in the form of「あるいは…し、あるいは…し」, it describes each action or state of many things: “…then…”. This is a formal expression and is used only in writing, not in informal communication.

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