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Let’s learn Japanese あげく grammar ageku :

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expressing the meaning “after a long time mentioned in the previous clause, eventually …”. Often used in the case that implies that the condition lasts long and causes stress.


Mayotta ageku, kanojo wa saigo no kettei wo houkoku shimashita.
After a round of considering, she announced the final decision.

Kangaeta ageku, sonoyouni suru koto ni shimashita.
After some thought, I decided to do so.

Soudan shita ageku, karera wa iken wo touitsu shimashita.
After a discussion, they were on the same page.

Ano fuufu wa kenka wo kurikaeshita ageku, rikon shimashita.
After having quarreled many times, the couple divorced.

Nayanda ageku, yameru koto ni shimashita.
After thinking a lot, I decided to give up.

Note: We also use the form 「あげくに」and 「あげくのN」with nouns.

Above is Japanese あげく grammar ageku. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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