Japanese あくまでも grammar akumademo

Japanese あくまでも grammar akumademoJapanese あくまで(も) grammar akumade (mo) width=

Let’s learn Japanese あくまでも grammar akumademo:

Japanese あくまでも grammar akumademo

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Expressing meaning “is still very… / extremely …”. This is a ornate way of speaking.


1. 起こっているときにも、父は私たちにあくまでも優しいだ。
Okotte iru toki ni mo, chichi wa watashitachi ni akumademo yasashiida.
Even when angry, my father is still very gentle to us.

2. あの人は昼間でもおまけを怖がっているなんて、あくまでも臆病な人だ。
Ano hito wa hiruma demo omake wo kowagatte iru nante, akumademo okubyouna hitoda.
He is afraid of ghosts even during the daytime, what a coward!

3. 彼は照れるときあくまでも上品な人だ。
Kare wa tereru toki akumademo jouhinna hitoda.
He is still very elegant even though he is shy.

4. あの商品は値上げても私にとってあくまでも安い。
Ano shouhin wa neagete mo watashi ni totte akumademo yasui.
That item is still very cheap for me even if the price increases.

5. 彼女は化粧しなくてもあくまでも美しい。
Kanojo wa keshou shinakute mo akumademo utsukushii.
She is still very beautiful even without makeup.

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