How to use Japanese particles さ and こと

How to use Japanese particles さ and こと

How to use Japanese particles さ and こと . In Japanese there are many particles used all the time such as を, が ,は , も … These words are used a lot in ordinary conversation. In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the most common usages of the words さ and こ と.

The following are some common useages of さ and こ と

How to use さ

Talk about something in a way that reduces the level

kono shigoto ha muzukashii desuga, akirameranaikedosa.
This job is difficult, but I will not give up.

Ask to others

omae koso,nanisa.
What are you?

How to use こと

The way of expressing emotionally, meant to emphasize

hontouni mendoukusai hito desu koto.
That is truly a troublesome person.

Ask to others (woman use mainly)

shucchou ni dete arimasen koto.
You are not going on a business trip, do you?

Written above is the most common ways of how to use particles さ and こと. Please learn other particles in Japanese particles on Learn Japanese daily.

Wish you study well !

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