How to use Japanese particle にて

How to use Japanese particle にて

How to use Japanese particle にて

How to use Japanese particle にて.  In Japanese there are many particles used commonly such as を, が ,は , も … These words are used very commonly in ordinary conversation. In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you particle にて(nite), in speaking it is  に(ni).

How to use particle にて :

1. Express the place action takes place (formal, use in writing)

houkokukai ha minami no kaijou nite, shichi ji yori okonawaremasu.

The conference will be held at 7:00 in the south hall.

2. Express method to proceed

okaneha kakitomebin nite okurimasu.

Money will be sent by registered mail.

Note:  にて is only use when we talk about method (in the above example, method is registered mail, if lost, it will be fully compensated). にてis not used with vehicles like : 車、自転車、馬…

3. Used as a custom (often used to write letter)

minna ogenki de

chuugoku nite


Wish you healthy!

(In) China

( Sign) Akiko

(This is Akiko’s letter sent from China)<?span>

にて is mainly used in writing and formal situations, you should remember to understand.

Above is the common explanation on the usage of particle にて. Please learn other particles in Japanese particles on Learn Japanese daily.

Wish you study well !

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