common phrases using the word 手

Common phrases using the word 手common phrases using the word 手

Common phrases using the word 手(te). In Japanese, there are many phrases go with certain words like: 足、手、頭、気、身… These words are used commonly in daily conversations.

In this article, LearnJapanesedaily would like to introduce to you the most common phrases using the word 手.

The ones in orange are used very commonly.

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1.手があく – Free, idle, unoccupied

For example:


Tagaaitara ochawo iretekurenaika.

→ If you have time, please put the tea leaves in the teapot.

2.手がかかる – To take a lot of time and effort

For example:


Chiisaikodomoniha tekakaru

→ It takes a lot of effort to take care of young kids.

3. 手が切れる – Disown, break up

For example:


Takaikanewo haratte yatto konojoto tegakireta.

→ I have spent a lot of money on her so I broke up with her eventually.

4. 手がたりない – Not enough people

For example:


Hikkoshini kazokudakede tagatarinainode, tonarino ienohitonimo tetsudattemoratta.

→ There are not enough people in my family so I ask my neighbors to help.

5. 手がつけられない – Unable to be revived, unable to do anything to help

For example:


Byoukiga warukunatte, mou tegatsukerarenai.

→ The health condition has been getting worse and can’t be revived.

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