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Lean Japanese daily is a personal blog built with:


To assist our readers in self-studying Japanese and learning more about the culture of Japan. Learn Japanese daily will guide you on your journey of learning Japanese step by step.

The main sections being built on Learn Japanese daily are:

Basic Japanese:

This section introduces to our readers the most basic knowledge of Japanese. That way, even people who start learning Japanese from scratch can keep up. We will help you build the basis to progress to higher levels.

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) :

This section assists you in practising to take the JLPT. Learn Japanese daily will introduce you to various topics such as: Grammar, Kanji and vocabulary. With them, we hope you can practise well and be ready for the upcoming tests.

There are 5 levels in the JLPT system we will introduce to you: N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1.

JLPT Online Test :

This section consists of online sample jlpt tests, categorized into different levels. The tests simulate the real JLPTs, each  sample test has 10 questions to help you practise effectively.

Ways of learning Japanese:

This is a section to share our experience in learning Japanese as well as things we have garnered from other sources. We hope that You can find a learning method that suits you the most from here.

The culture of Japan:

To share knowledge about Japanese culture. In order to help you learn more about the country, people and their traditions. This section will help you become more confident when talking to Japanese people or working in Japan.

Japanese vocabulary by topic :

To introduce to you a list of Japanese vocabulary by topic to help you increase your vocabulary.

Conversational Japanese:

To introduce to you common phrases, vocabulary in some certain daily conversational situations.

Tips on living in Japanese:

To share some experiences when living, learning and working in Japan.

Personal matters:

According to the Internet law, we guarantee to not keep personal information of our users. We also won’t ask for personal information unless needed (contact, registration or survey).

We will use cookie as a method to track users’s activities such as: types of web browsers, time, view frequency,… That way, we can increase page loading speed and learn more about users’ preferences to improve the page.

Social media:

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Above are everything about Learn Japanese daily. We understand that our knowledge and language ability have their limitations. Learn Japanese Daily will highly appreciate your feedback and support. Your contribution can mean a lot to others who are learning Japanese.

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