100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

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100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

In this article, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce you to 100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime. These 100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime are already converted to Kanji, with Hiragana and Romaji spelling so you can follow manga series and animated series better.

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 1:

1. 危ない(あぶない)abunai – dangerous: In Japanese, a word can have various meanings therefore depending on a particular circumstance, it can mean wicked or scary. Sometimes it implies something not good or dangerous. For example, 危ない関係”abunai kankei” implies a dangerous and unwholesome relationship.

2. 愛(あい)ai – Love, to love 愛している (あいしている) to love someone.

3. 相手(あいて)aite – oponent, enemy, sometimes means partner. For example, 結婚の相手がない Have no partner to marry.

4. 悪魔(あくま)akuma – demon. Ugly, demonic. Used to describe someone’s evil personality or scary appearance.

5. 有難う(ありがとう)arigatou – Thank you.

6. 馬鹿(ばか)baka –  An insult used to humiliate someone. Depending on how the speaker raises their voice, it can mean “idiot” or “crazy” or “stupid”.
Sometimes used to say someone who is trying to get on the speaker’s nerves. Sometimes used to scold people who are too good, for example helping others but hurting themselves.

7. 化け物(ばけもの) bakemono – A monster. Sometimes used to compliment someone’s extraodinary strength or abilitiy.

8. ロジャー roja – Understand clearly = ryokai.

9. 美人(びじん) bijin – A beautiful woman. Used to compliment women. However, be careful when you do that because it can backfire.

10. 違う(ちがう)chigau – Not right, different, wrong way: Used when someone is wrong or making a mistake at work. Wrong, not me!


100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 2

11. 力(ちから)があるね. chikaraga arune healthy, full of strength. For example, omae kekkou chikaraga arune You look strong. If combined with a mocking tone, it means to look down on someone: You look strong, but that means nothing.

12. 畜生(ちくしょう)chikusho – A brute = Damm, Shit: swear words used when you mess up something or when you have bad luck.

13. (ちょっと)chotto – A little. Is not used to show quantity, it is used in contexts such as: Can you hold it for a while… Wait a minute. chotto ii ? Can I ask you something? Chotto is also used to criticize, scold someone for something. For example when the kid does something wrong, the mother will say chotto ! (Hey, what are you doing?)

14. 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)daijoubu – Fine, okay, good. Used to answer when someone asks you about your health. Are you ok? I’m fine.

15. 黙れ(だまれ)damare – Shut up, originated from the word damaru: silent. Often used to order the other person  to keep silent. Be careful to use it because it can come off as rude.

16. 騙す(だます)damasu – To lie, trick. orewo damasutsumori? You want to lie to me? damasareta: being lied to . mata damasaretaka ? You’re tricked again?

17. 駄目(だめ)dame – bad, not good. Used to refer to something that’s impossible to not do!

18. 誰(だれ)dare – Someone – suffix. For example: dareka someone, daremo nai: no one, daredemo: everyone.

19. 何所(どこ)doko – where?

20. ふざける fuzakeru – nonsense. fuzakeruna : speaking nonsense – stop speaking nonsense!

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