100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

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100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 9

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 9

81. 友達(ともだち)tomodachi – A friend… tomodachi ni nattemo ii desuka? Can I be your friend? zutto tomodachi dane: Let’s be friends forever (friendzoned).

82. とても totemo – Extremely…,used to emphasize something, normally followed by an adjective. aituha totemo tsuyoi yo. He’s extremely strong.

83. 運命(うんめい)unmei – Destity, fate. anatani deauno ha watashino unmei da. I’m destined to meet you. kitto itsuka unmei no hito ni au: One day, we will definitely meet our other half (the one we are destined to meet).

84. 裏切り者 うらぎりもの uragirimono – A traitor. Used to refer to someone who betrays their own side. その裏切りものに信じるな(sono uragirimononi shinjiruna): Don’t ever believe in that traitor’s words.

85. 嬉しい うれしい ureshii! – Oh, so happy! An exclamation, for example when you receive a gift, you can say: ureshi :  I’m so happy! For example.


mata kimini aerunoha hontouni ureshi desu

I’m happy to see you again!

86. 五月蠅い うるさい urusai – Too noisy, shut up: an order – stop talking (I’m not listening).

87. 嘘 うそ uso – To lie, a lie. うそつけ: Liar.

88. 噂 うわさ uwasa – A rummor.

89. 分かる wakaru – To understand. Normally use: wakatta: got it: when explained by someone. wakattaka? Got it?

90. 罠 わな wana – A trap, scheme. oreno wanani ochita: Fell into my trap.


100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 10

91. やばい yabai – Oops. For example.

やばい、家のカギは会社に忘れました、どうしよう!(yabai, ieno kagiha kaishani wasuremashita. dou shiyou!), OOps, I left my house key at workplace. What to do now!
92. 約束 やくそく yakusoku – lời hứa. yakusokusuru: To promise. yakusokuwo yaburu: To break a promise. For example.


itsumo kanojono sobani iruto yakusoku shimashita.

Meaning: I promised to always be by her side.

93. 辞める やめる yameru – To give up, halt, cancel: Yamero! means: Enough, stop it.

94. やる yaru – To do, ac. For example.

やるか(yaruka) : Let’s do it.

あいつがやれるもんか(aitsuga yareru monka). How is he supposed to do that.

95. 優しい やさしい yasashii – Kind, easy-going. For example.


aitsuha gaikanga onimitai desuga, hontouni yasashihito desuyo

Meaning: He looks scary but he’s actually really easy-going.96. やった yatta – Hooray! Used to cheer: bravo, yeah…

96. やった yatta – Hooray! Used to cheer: bravo, yeah…

やった!やった!(yatta! yatta!)

Meaning : Hooray! Hooray!

97. よっし yosshi – Okay, yeah right, I’m ready.

For example, よっし、はじめましょう!

yosshi, hajimemashou !

Meaning : Okay, Let’s get started!

98. 妖怪 ようかい youkai – Monster, monster world. Used to describe something mysterious or paranormal.

99. 夢 ゆめ yume – A dream, to dream. For example.


bokuha kaizokuni naru yumega aru.

Meaning : I dream of being a navy officer.

100.許す ゆるす yurusu – To forgive. Used when you want to apologize or when the speaker forgives someone. For example.

お前 許さない!

omae yurusanai !

Meaning: I will never forgive you!

Above are 100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime. Check out our other articles in section: Japanese culture

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