100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

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100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 3

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 3

21. 餓鬼(がき) gaki – A brat. Used to look down on someone who is younger than you.

22. 頑張る(がんばる) gambaru – To try. Normally use gambare or gambatte kudasai Fighting! Do your best, Used to cheer someone up. In anime they often support each other by saying: gambare – a short form of gambatte kudasai. Used between friends, or by superiors to subordinates.

23. 早い(はやい) hayai – So fast. When someone is too fast and you can’t catch up.

24. 変(へん) hen – strange, different. You look different today: kyou hen dayo.

25. 変態(へんたい) hentai – Perverse, abnormal. Nowadays, it means sexually pervese. “Hentai” is a type of pornography.

26. 酷い(ひどい) hidoi – horrible!!! Used to say that someone is ruthless, cruel.

27. 姫(ひめ) hime – Princess, some guys use this to address girls they are courting.

28. いい ii – Good, great: Used to show approval.

29. 行く(いく)iku – Let’s go…Get off, go away… the same withikimashou, ikou(Let’s go..) or sometimes used to shoo someone or some disgusting creatures away ike : Gest lost.

30. 命(いのち)inochi – Life. We often here:  inochiwo kakeru, means to bet your life. kakeru means to bet.


100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 4

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 4

31. 痛い(いたい)itai – hurt, painful, wounded. When someone gets hurt, they will say OOp or Ite-e!. itaijanaika : Isn’t it hurt? Sometimes used to mock the other person, that they are weak: Your punches are painful.

32. 地獄(じごく)jigoku Hell, hades. Common phrase: jigoku ni ochirou ! Go to hell.

33. 女子高生 (じょしこうせい)- joshikousei a phrase used to describe a pretty girl that has a strong personality, or girls in high school in manga and anime.

34. 構わない(かまわない)kamawanai – It doesn’t matter, it’s ok, don’t worry about it. Used to show that you don’t care.

35. 神(かみ)kami – God/Godess. We might see the word goddo, which is derived from the word God in English.

36. 必ず(かならず)kanarazu – Absolutely, definitely. Used to show the speaker’s determination. For example, kanarazu katsu. I will definitely win!

37. 彼氏(かれし)kareshi – Boyfriend, Kanojo – Girlfriend. For example, kareshiga dekita ? You have a boyfriend?

38. 可愛い(かわい)kawaii –  cute: used for both people and animals, things.

39. けど kedo But, however. Used to show indecisiveness.

40. 怪我(けが)kega – Injury, wound. kegahanaika : Are you injured?

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