Japanese とは grammar toha

Japanese とは grammar toha
Japanese とは grammar toha

Let’s learn Japanese とは grammar toha :

Japanese とは grammar toha

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Describe the nature, content or state of an event or a thing. This is a way of saying, in written form, it’s used as 「とは…ものだ」、「とは…のことだ/意味だ」、「とは…ということだ/意味だ」. As for speaking form, it’s 「Nというのは」.


JK to ha ‘joshi koukousei’ no shourya ku no kei desu.
JK is a abbreviation for “High school girls”.

Kishou doubutsu to ha kotai no suuryou ga sukunai doubutsu mono da.
Rare species are animals with small numbers of organisms worldwide.

2. Used to quote a person to validate the person’s informations or to judge. Often goes with words indicating feelings such as surprise, admiration, anger. For this structure, とは is often replaced with 「というのは」. But if used in fixed speech 「と は 何事 だ」 can not be replaced.


Kimi ha watashi ni ‘baka mono’ to ha douiu koto desu ka.
What did you mean by saying “You idiot”?

Kare ga watashi ni ‘sayonara’ to iu to ha mou ae naku naru desho u ka.
He said “Farewell” to me, does that mean we can’t see each other again?

3. Expresses the feeling of being surprised, admired that an event happens unexpectedly. There are cases where the latter part とは can be removed (example 2). In spoken form, it’s often used under 「…なんて」.


2 jikan dake de kono muzukashii kuizu ga tokeru to ha subarashii ne.
Only in 2 hours that you could solve this riddle, you’re amazing
Chỉ trong hai tiếng đồng hồ mà giải được câu đố khó thế này thì thật tuyệt nhỉ.

Go sai no ko domo ha kanji darake no hon ga yomeru to ha?
He’s only 5 years old but can read a book full of Kanji characters..

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above is Japanese ~とは grammar ~toha. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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