Rest in no peace – Funny Doraemon joke

Rest in no peace – Funny Doraemon jokeRest in no peace - Funny Doraemon joke

Rest in no peace – Funny Doraemon joke. Rest in no peace??? Sound different 😀

Shizuka : のび太さん

Nobita : しずかちゃん

Shizuka : 好き(すき)

Nobita : 好き(すき)

Shizuka (Xuka) : 私(わたし)のことすき?

Nobita : 好き!

Nobita : 僕(ぼく)のこと好き?

Shizuka :好き

Old man : おおい、お前ら(おまえら)、別(べつ)の話題(わだい)にしてくれよ。詰まらなくて(つまらなくて)たまらん

Nobita và Shizuka (Xuka) : お前阿呆か(おまえ あほうか)、なんで盗み聞き(ぬすみきき)するの?

Old man : 俺(おれ)は聞(き)きたくないが、お前達(おまえたち)は俺(おれ)の墓(はか)の上で座ってるから

in Romaji :

Shizuka (Xuka) : nobitasan

Nobita : shizukachan

Shizuka (Xuka) : suki!

Nobita : suki!

Shizuka: : watashino koto sukino?

Nobita : suki!

Nobita : bokuno koto suki?

Shizuka: : suki

Old man : ooi, omaera, betsuno wadaini shitekureyo. tsumaranakute tamaran

Nobita and Shizuka: : omae ahouka. nande nusumikiki suruno?

Old man : oreha kikitakunaiga, omaetachiha oreno hakano uede suwatteru kara.

Translation :

Rest in no peace:

Shizuka: Nobita!

Nobita: Shizuka!

Shizuka: I love you.

Nobita: I love you.

Shizuka: Do you love me?

Nobita: I do. Do you?

Shizuka: I do.

Old man: My God! You kids change topic now. I’m bored to death.

Nobita and Shizuka: You crazy old man! Who makes you listen?

Old man: Don’t wanna hear, but you’re sitting on my grave!

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