kanji n3 lesson 30

kanji n3 lesson 30 – JLPT N3

kanji n3 lesson 30 – JLPT N3. Hi everybody! In this post, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the summary of Kanji in N3 level. Each of the lessons includes 10 letters, and there are also : Meaning,  Onyomi, Kunyomi, words often going with the Kanji.

Kanji n3 lesson 30

291. 職

Meaning : post, employment, work

Onyomi : しょく

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

職場(しょくば):one’s post; place of work; workplace
転職(てんしょく):change of occupation​, job change
職業(しょくぎょう):occupation; business
職員(しょくいん):staff member; personnel

292. 容

Meaning : contain, form, looks

Onyomi : よう

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

内容(ないよう):contents; matter; substance; detail
美容院(びよういん):beauty parlour; beauty parlor; beauty salon; hairdressing salon

293. 技

Meaning : skill, art, craft, ability, performance, arts

Onyomi : ぎ

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

技術(ぎじゅつ):technology; engineering
技術者(ぎじゅつしゃ):engineer; technical expert; technician

294. 般

Meaning : arrier, carry, all, general, sort, kind

Onyomi : はん

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

一般(いっぱん):ordinary; average; common
一般に(いっぱんてきに):in general; generally

295. 務

Meaning : task, duties

Onyomi : む

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

事務(じむ):business; office work; administration
公務員(こうむいん):government worker; public servant; civil servant
税務署(ぜいむしょ):tax office

296. 課

Meaning : chapter, lesson, section, department, division, counter for chapters (of a book)

Onyomi : か

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

第一課(だいいっか):lesson one; first lesson
課長(かちょう):section manager; section chief

297. 球

Meaning : ball, sphere

Onyomi : きゅう

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

地球(ちきゅう):the earth; the globe
電球(でんきゅう):light bulb

298. 決

Meaning : decide, fix, agree upon, appoint

Onyomi : けつ

Kunyomi : き-まる

Common words using this Kanji

決まる(きまる):to be decided; to be settled
決める(きめる):to decide; to choose; to determine;
決定(けってい):decision; determination
決心(けっしん):determination; resolution

299. 勝

Meaning : victory, win, prevail, excel

Onyomi : しょう

Kunyomi : か-つ

Common words using this Kanji

勝つ(かつ):to win; to gain victory
決勝(けっしょう):finals (in sports)

300. 対

Meaning : vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare

Onyomi : たい

Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji

1対2 (いちたいに): 1 vs 2
反対(はんたい):opposition; resistance; antagonism; hostility; objection; dissension
対する(たいする): to be directed toward (the future, etc.); to be in response to; to be related to

above is list of 10 Kanji in level N3 – Kanji n3 lesson 30. See more Kanji at the same level in this category : Kanji N3

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