Japanese vocabulary parts of car – Japanese words by theme

Japanese vocabulary parts of car

Japanese vocabulary parts of car. Hi, in this article, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : parts of car.

Vocabulary parts of car :

1.フロントガラス   : Front glass.

2.ワィパー    : wiper 

3.ボンネット  : bonnet 

4.ライト     : light ( in front of car)

5.バックミラー  : back mirror.

6.トランク   : trunk.

7.タイヤ   : tire.

8.サイドミラー : side mirror.

9.助手席 (じょしゅせき)   passenger seat.

10.運転席 (うんてんせき)   : driver’s seat

11.カーナビ     : car navigation

12.ハンドル   : handle.

13.(自動車の)ガレージ,車庫 (しゃこ) : Garage

14.(自動車の)修理工場 (shuuri koujou) : repair shop

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary parts of car. If there be any words related to time topic which did not appear on this list, please comment below 🙂

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