Japanese vocabulary on school stationery – Japanese words by theme

Japanese vocabulary on school stationery

Japanese vocabulary on school stationery. Hi, in this article, Learn Japanese online will continue introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : school stationery

Vocabulary on school stationery :

1.画架 (がか):   easel

2.鉛筆削り(えんぷつけずり)  :   pencil sharpener

3.分度器 (ぶんどき): semicircular protractor

4.コンパス        : compass

5.ホッチキス    :  stapler machine

6.ペン・ボルペン     : pen/ballpoint pen

7.消  けしゴム     : eraser

8.ホッチキスの針(はり) : staple

9.色鉛筆 (いろえんぴつ)   : colored pencil

10.鉛筆(えんぴつ)  :  pencil

11.先生の机(せんせいのつくえ):   teacher’s desk

12.生徒(せいと)の机(つくえ) : student’s desk

13.時計(とけい) :   clock

14.時計の針(はり) : clock hands

15.数字 (すうじ)   : number

16.接着剤 (せっちゃくざい)  :   adhesive

17.地球儀 (ちきゅうぎ)     : globe

18.絵(え)    : picture

19.絵 の具(え の ぐ)       : colorspaints

20.絵筆 (えふで)    :  paintbrush

21.紙 (かみ)       :  paper

22.クレヨン          : crayon

23.穴あけ器(あなあけ)   : punching machine

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary on school stationery.  If there be any words related to time topic which did not appear on this list, please comment below 🙂

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