Japanese vocabulary on parts of body- Japanese words by theme

Japanese vocabulary on parts of body

Japanese vocabulary on parts of body. Hi, in this article, Learn Japanese online will continue introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : parts of body

Vocabulary on parts of body :

1.体 からだ  : body

2.頭 あたま : head

3.首 くび  : neck

4.のど   : throat

5.胸  むね : chest

6.お腹  おなか  : stomach

7.膝  ひざ : knee

8.つま先  つまさき : toe

9.肘  ひじ   : elbow

10.足首  あしくぶ   : ankle

11.肩 かた   : shoulder

12.背中  せなか    : back

13.腰  こし  : waist

14.手首  てくび   : wrist

15.尻  しり  : butt

16.指  ゆび   : finger

17.かかと : heel

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary on parts of body.  If there be any words related to time topic which did not appear on this list, please comment below 🙂

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