Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 24

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 24

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 24

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 24. Hi there! In order to provide you opportunities to search, review and study Japanese online through Minna no nihongo coursebook. In this post, Learn Japanese  online will summarize vocabulary, kanji and grammar of 50 Minna no nihongo lessons.

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 24

        1. Vocabulary :

        No. Vocabulary Kanji Meaning
        1 くれます be given away, gift
        2 つれていきます 連れて行きます take somebody to go to
        3 つれてきます 連れて来ます bring somebody to come to
        4 おくります 送ります farewell, send off
        5 しょうかいします 紹介します introduce
        6 あんないします 案内します guide, direct
        7 せつめいします 説明します explain
        8 いれます make (some coffee, tea…)
        9 おじいさん grandpa
        10 おばあさん grandma
        11 じゅんび 準備 prepare
        12 いみ 意味 meaning
        13 おかし お菓子 candy
        14 じぶんで 自分 myself, oneself
        15 ほかに besides
        16 べんとう 弁当 set meal, box meal
        17 ぜんぶ 全部 whole, entire
        18 ほかに besides
        19 ワゴンしゃ ワゴン車 Wagon car
        20 ははのひ 母の日 mother’s day

        2. Kanji

        3. Grammar

        Structure Meaning – usage Example
        くれます somebody give, gift us something. 砂糖(さとう)さんは私(わたし)に花(はな)をくれました。
        I recieved flowers from Satou.
        Vてあげます/もらいます/くれます 1.Vてあげます express that somebody do us a good turn.
        2. Vてもらいます express gratefulness of one who recieves help.
        3.Vてくれます recieve something from sb.
        I lend Kimura book
        I was given Kimura’s phone number.
        I was given candy by my mother.
        N( 人) が V express news すてきな花(はな)ですね
        Nice flower!
        Yea, Saotu gifts me.
        interrogative word が V từ để hỏi đứng đầu câu đi kem với trợ từ が だれが手伝い(てつだい)に行き(いき)ますか。
        Will anyone go to help?
        Aki will go.

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