Why do you love me funny doraemon jokes

Why do you love me ? Funny doraemon jokes

Why do you love me ? Funny doraemon jokes. Let’s find out the reason why she loves him 🙂

In Japanese :

Suneo : シズカちゃん、僕のことなんで好きになったの?
suzukachan, bokunokoto nande sukininattano?

Shizuka : いいものの一つだけで。。。それは。。。
iinonono hitotsudakede…soreha

Xeko : それはまさか。。。?
soreha masaka…?

Shi : 財布だわ

Translation :

Suneo :  Shizuka, why do you love me?

Shizuka : For … one great thing. That is …

Suneo : What’s that … could it be …?

Shizuka :  It’s the wallet.

Suneo may think that Shizuka loves him because he is handsome or something like that, but the truth may disappointed him badlly 😛

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