How japanese people think

How japanese people thinkHow japanese people think

Let’s learn Japanese with some funny story : How japanese people think. Learn Japanese through some funny doraemon short conversation. Japanese’s way of thinking

How japanese people think :







in Romaji  :

nihonjino kangaekata :

sonohitoha yareru toshitara, watashimo kitto yareru

daremo yarenaikarakoso, watashiha yattemiseru chansu

Betonamujinno kangaekata :

sonohitoha yarerutoshitara, aitsuni makashiteyaru

daremo yarenai toshitara, watashimo yareruhazuhanai

Translation :

How japanese people think :

if that one can do that, i certainly can do that too.

if noone can do that, it’s my chance to prove my self

How Vietnamese people think :

if that one can do that, so leave that to him.

if noone can do that, there is noway that i can do that.

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