Funny Doraemon joke Why study ?

Funny Doraemon joke Why studyFunny Doraemon joke Why study?

Funny Doraemon joke Why study ? Let’s see how Nobita think of studying 🙂

Funny Doraemon joke Why study ?

Doraemon :のび太、勉強だ!起きろ!
Nobi ta, be n kyō da! okiro!

Nobita : ほっといてくれ、勉強って何のためなの?
Hottoi te kure, be n kyō ttena n no tame na no ?

Doraemon : 勉強すれば将来いい仕事をゲットできるじゃないか?
Be n kyō sure ba shōrai ii shi goto o getto dekiru ja nai ka.

Nobita : いい仕事をげっとして、その後は?
Ii shi goto o getto shi te, sono ato ha ?

Doraemon: いい仕事で 給料が高い。給料が高いで、たくさんのお金を貯められる。そのお金でゆっくり休めるんだぞ
Ii shi goto de kyuu ryou ga takai. Kyuu ryou ga takai de, takusan no o kane o tamerareru. Sono o kane de yukkuri yasumeru n da zo

Nobita : じゃ、ぼくは今なにをしていると思う?
Ja, boku ha ima nani o shi te iru to omou?

Translation :

Doraemon : Nobita, get up and study!

Nobita : Leave me alone, study study study, what for?

Doraemon : If you study well, won’t that help you find a good job in the future?

Nobita : Find a good job, then what?

Doraemon : With a good job, you get good salary. With good salary you save money, a lot. With that money, you may soundly relax.

Nobita : So what do you think I am doing? (lying relaxed) :P)

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