10 japanese words per day 92

10 japanese words per day 92

10 japanese words per day 92. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 92

911. 通る

Reading : tooru
Meaning : pass, go through

Example :

Michi o tooru toki ki o tsuke te kudasai.
Pay attention when crossing the road.

912. 自動車

Reading : jidousha
Meaning : automobile

Example :

Atarashii jidousha o kai tai desu.
I want to buy a new car.

913. 慣れる

Reading : nareru
Meaning : grow accustomed to, get used to

Example :

Ryuugakusei no seikatsu ha nare mashi ta ka.
Have you got used to the live of international student?

914. 撮る

Reading : toru
Meaning : take (a photograph), film

Example :

Kimi to shashin o totte mo ii desu ka.
Can I take a photograph with you?

915. やっと

Reading : yatto
Meaning : at last, finally

Example :

Yatto kare ha ki mashi ta.
At last he came.

916. どんどん

Reading : dondon
Meaning : knock, bang

Example :

Koe ga dondon ookiku naru.
The voice grows bigger and bigger.

917. 並べる

Reading : naraberu
Meaning : line up, arrange

Example :

Teburu o gyouretsu ni narabe te kudasai.
Please arrange the tables in lines.

918. 逃げる

Reading : nigeru
Meaning : escape, run away

Example :

Koko kara nigeru koto ga deki nai yo.
Can’t escape from here.

919. 渡す

Reading : watasu
Meaning : hand over, give

Example :

Kono mono o kanojo ni watashi te kudasai
Give her this item.

920. 値段

Reading : nedan
Meaning : price

Example :

Kono shouhin no nedan ha yasui desu ne.
The price of this product is cheap, isn’t it.

above is 10 japanese words per day 92. See more similar posts on the same category : 10 japanase words per day.

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