10 japanese words per day 138

10 japanese words per day 13810 japanese words per day 138 .

10 japanese words per day 138. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 138

1371. 商品

Reading : しょうひんshouhin
Meaning : goods, commodities

Example :

ano shouhin no hinshitsu ga yoku nai node ure mase n
The quality of that product isn’t good so it can’t be sold.

1372. 大型

Reading : おおがたoogata
Meaning : large, large scale

Example :

ohgata no kamera ga hoshii
I want a big camera.

1373. 限る

Reading : かぎるkagiru
Meaning : be limited to

Example :

nihon de ha kodomo ni kagira zu taijin mo manga wo yomu
In Japan, not only kids but aldults read manga as well.

1374. 記録

Reading : きろくkiriku
Meaning : record, documentation

Example :

orimpikku taikai de kare no seiseki ha sekai kiroku ni notu ta
At the Olympic Games, his record was on the world record.

1375. 具体的

Reading : ぐたいてきgutaiteki
Meaning : concrete, specific

Example :

gutai teki na hyougen wo dashi te mise te
Please show me some specific behaviors.

1376. 効果

Reading : こうかkouka
Meaning : effect, result

Example :

kono kurimu ha hadae wo mamoru kouka ga aru
This cream is effective at protecting your skin.

1377. 公開

Reading : こうかいkoukai
Meaning : opening (to the public)

Example :

ano sakka no sakuhin ha asu koukai sa re masu
That author’s work will be released tomorrow.

1378. 作品

Reading : さくひんsakuhin
Meaning : work of art, creation

Example :

kono eiga ha kare no saikou na sakuhin da
That movie is his best work.

1379. 迫る

Reading : せまるsemaru
Meaning : close in on, approach

Example :

ayashii otoko ga watakushi ni sematu te iru
The strange man approached me.

1380. 大会

Reading : たいかいtaikai
Meaning : tournament, event

Example :

undou taikai ha raigetsu okonawa re masu
The sport games will be held next month..

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